5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

December 6th, 2013 by

The origins and driving history of a used car aren’t as straightforward as a new vehicle’s, which makes it very important for you to ask the right questions. Cactus Jack’s Car Dealer has narrowed down the 5 most important questions to ask when buying a used car:

1) Why Was It Traded?

If you are looking at a three-year-old Nissan Pathfinder with 30, 000 miles on it and lots of warranty left, ask yourself- and the dealer- “Why has this been traded?” The answer could sway your decision. A used vehicle with lower-than-average mileage won’t necessarily be the best choice.

2) Did the Owner Purchase and Trade-in at the Same Dealership?

Vehicles that are purchased and traded at the same dealership shows that the owner trusts the dealers– a good sign for you.

3) Why Hasn’t It Sold Yet?

An attractive, popular model that’s been sitting on the lot a while could be a sign of serious problems. It is likely, however, that is an unpopular color or has minor cosmetic damage– you won’t know until you ask.

4) Can I Get a CarFax?

The dealership should show no hesitation in getting you a CarFax. If they do, pass. The history report details the car’s entire listing, but beware: all incidents take six months to show up on a CarFax.

5) What is the Title’s Condition?

Private sales are less dependable than dealerships– make them a last resort. In lemon law states, owners are required to act as dealers but rarely do. This law requires dealers to buy back lemons if the owner experiences unexpected mechanical problems that are beyond reasonable repair. In all private transactions, the title must show the person selling the vehicle is its owner. If the title says “Salvage,” pass on it, unless it’s from eBay or Amazon which offer recourse actions.

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