5 Reasons Buying Used is Better Than Buying New

October 17th, 2017 by

The old stigma that you only buy a used car because you’re too broke to afford a new one is simply no longer true. Buyers have become increasingly aware of the many substantial benefits of buying used over new, no matter what their income bracket is. With perks like no credit financing and flexible buying options, purchasing a used vehicle is often more convenient for today’s busy buyers. Here are the top 5 reasons why buying used is better than buying new:
1)  Great Deals – Used cars are almost always cheaper than new cars, and it’s more likely that you’ll find something within your budget that has all the features you need. Prices also typically start soft with used cars, leaving more room to barter.
2)  Low Insurance Rates – Insurance for new cars is more expensive than it is for used cars of the same model. It’s that simple.
3)  Consistent Value – Used cars don’t depreciate in value the way new cars do. When you start with a minimal investment, your losses over time are practically non-existent.View Post
4)  Convenient Purchase Options – Used cars can be purchased anywhere: online, at dealerships, or right in your neighborhood. This also means flexible payments plans, like buy here pay here loans, no credit financing, or post-dated checks.
5)  Reliability – New cars always have little kinks and bugs to work out. A properly maintained used car, on the other hand, has all the glitches adjusted and typically functions just as well as the day it came off the lot.
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