The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Oil Change

Changing your car’s oil at regular intervals isn’t just a good idea — it’s a vital part of keeping your car’s engine running properly. The purpose of engine oil is to keep the internal parts of your car’s engine lubricated and cool. Without frequent oil changes, dirt and sludge can build up in the engine, and old, dirty oil won’t lubricate the moving parts as well as new, fresh oil will. This could lead to costly repairs and even an engine replacement.

What Happens if You Don’t Get Your Oil Changed?

No matter how good of a brand of oil you use, eventually, they can no longer perform the previously described tasks effectively. That’s because, with time and mileage, the oil’s additives get used up, causing the engine oil to degrade. At this point, the oil must be changed before sludge and deposits build up. When the oil is drained, the contaminants are removed with it.

Old oil loses its ability to retain all that dirt and drop off the excess contaminants, which then begin covering the engine’s parts with a gritty, gummy paste or sludge. Sludge accelerates engine wear. An oil change, performed on time, drains out the gunk along with the old oil. Failure to change your oil on a regular basis is considered abuse of your vehicle’s maintenance.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Your owner’s manual will tell you the correct oil change interval for your vehicle. If you’re not sure or want to play it safe by taking precautions, it is suggested that every 4,000 to 6,000 miles or every four months is a safe default guide.

The number one thing to remember when getting your vehicle’s oil change is to trust the mechanic who is working on your vehicle. Oil changes provide technicians a chance to easily look for undercar problems, such as:

  • Torn CV boots
  • Broken exhaust parts
  • Problems with the transmission or differential
  • Anything that’s broken, loose or excessively worn

The underside of your vehicle is rarely seen, so be sure you are working with a trusted mechanic when they present their opinions on other maintenance recommendations to your vehicle.

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