Tips for Increasing MPG’s in Your Used Car

odometer displaying higher mileage on used car

You’ve heard it before: older cars are gas guzzlers. And while many new hybrid models certainly do get excellent MPG’s, it is entirely possible to transform your used car into a lightweight, aerodynamic, fuel-efficient dynamo. Just follow these helpful tips from Phoenix’s premiere used car auto dealer, Cactus Jack’s Auto:

  • Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure – Under-inflated tires have low rolling resistance, and need more gas to keep moving. Check your manual and adjust the pressure to your vehicle’s recommended level.
  • Oil, Air Filters, and Fuel Injectors – Dirty engine components weaken your car’s fuel economy. Ensuring all parts are cleaned and changed accordingly guarantees an engine that burns gas efficiently.
  • Lighten Your Load – The more weight you carry, the more fuel your used car burns. Remove unnecessary roof racks and items from your trunk, and strive for a junk-free car.
  • Roll Up Your Windows – Open windows create a lot of gas-draining drag. Yes, A/C burns fuel too; but not nearly as much as four open windows.
  • Change Your Habits – Always go 10 over the speed limit? Try going two under instead (it won’t take much longer, we promise). Never use cruise control? Do, especially on highways. Brake hard and start like a hammer? Go easy on your pedals and plan ahead instead. Just a few simple changes can increase your MPG’s by up to 50 percent.
  • Use Less Features – The safety of yourself and your passengers always comes first, but, within reason, avoid using anything (headlights, power windows, A/C) that will negatively impact fuel efficiency.

With a bit of awareness and diligence, you’ll be getting maximum fuel efficiency from a used car you may not have believed could achieve it. At Cactus Jack’s Auto, we have an impressive inventory of carefully selected used cars for you to choose from. With our buy here pay here financing in Glendale, we can get you a car loan with bad credit right at the dealership. For more information about the Valley’s leading used car auto dealer, Cactus Jack’s Auto, contact us online. To browse our entire Glendale used car inventory, Click Here.

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