Why Is My Car Overheating?

Car Overheating

It’s not fun. You’re driving around Mesa, enjoying your day when a warning light on your dash comes on. The needle has gone all the way to “Hot”, and steam is coming from under your hood. You know what that means – your car has overheated. But what causes a car to overheat? Cactus Jack's Auto of Phoenix wants you to be safe on the road, so let’s discuss what to do when a car overheats. We’ll also go into reasons a car would overheat.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Overheats?

There are several reasons a car would overheat, and each cause requires a different repair. So before deciding how to fix your car (which should be left to a professional in this case), you should be asking, “Why is my car overheating?”

Reasons a Car Would Overheat

  • Wrong coolant, or improperly mixed coolant (should be 50/50 coolant and water on most vehicles)
  • Cracked or leaking hoses
  • Clogged hose
  • Broken or leaking water pump
  • Cracked or leaking seal or gasket
  • Clogged, broken, or leaking radiator

What to Do When a Car Overheats

Take these steps as soon as you notice your car starting to overheat:

  • Pull the car over to a safe spot immediately
  • If you can’t pull over immediately, turn off the air conditioning and turn on the heater
  • Turn off the car as soon as you have parked
  • Allow time for the car to cool before raising the hood (at least 30 minutes)
  • DO NOT open the radiator cap while it is still warm to the touch
  • Have your vehicle towed to the nearest service facility where a mechanic will be able to ascertain why your car is overheating.

Note: A lot of Surprise area drivers have been tempted just to keep filling the radiator and driving the vehicle. We DO NOT recommend this.

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Now that you know what it means when your car overheats, check out our other maintenance tips. Of course, if your vehicle continues to give you problems, it may be time to trade it in. Take a look at our used vehicle specials or check out our entire inventory at Cactus Jack's Auto, conveniently located near Glendale. Financing is available. Drop by today!

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