Costly Winter Driving Mistakes

November 29th, 2013 by

More fatal crashes occur on the first snowy day of the season than on any day thereafter. This connection, as discovered in a recent study from the University of California Berkeley Traffic Center, displays a concrete link between car accidents and winter driving. Though we don’t get much snow in Arizona, which is all the more reason to remain vigilant this season. To keep you safe on the road this winter, Cactus Jack’s Auto recommends avoiding the following costly winter driving mistakes:

Driving Too Fast

The study also found speed is the single greatest cause of serious crashes. Aim not just to follow the speed limit, but to adjust your speed according to deteriorating road conditions. Even if other cars race by, drop your speed and adapt to the windy, snowy, icy conditions.

Relying Too Heavily on Four-Wheel Drive

There’s a faulty presumption that 4WD’s added traction means you can always travel safely at high speeds. While 4WD is fine for traveling in a straight line, it does not improve braking or turning, making sudden stops and quick turns dangerous in winter conditions.

Lack of Preparedness

The first snowy day catches many drivers off-guard: don’t be one of them. Ensure your tires have adequate tread depth (at least 6/32” to handle snow and ice), wipers function effectively, and fluids are all at optimal levels. Check that your vehicle’s lights are operational, especially hazards.

Hard Braking

Most drivers slam on the brakes when the car begins slipping, but this only makes the car spin out of control. When you brake too hard, energy transfers from the tires to the brakes, which reduces traction. To avoid this, ease off the accelerator instead– this allows your car to stop naturally. You may also try quickly pumping your brakes.

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