Do You Need Full Coverage On a Used Financed Car?

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Securing the right auto financing in Mesa might not be as hard as you’d think, but there are a few decisions you’ll have to make – like do you need full coverage on a used financed car? The finance team at Cactus Jack's Auto is here to help you make the most informed decisions possible so that you can drive off in your dream car with total peace of mind. Let’s dive into the details of auto financing in the Surprise area.

Auto Financing 101

Different states have different criteria for auto financing. Luckily, our dealership has created a guide to what car insurance is required in Arizona if you need a refresher! But even if you live in a state with relaxed insurance laws, financial lenders are strict. The majority of lenders and banks do require that you secure full coverage for both new and used vehicles. Usually, full coverage insurance is contingent on the full term of the finance period. So if your loan term is 36 months, you must have full coverage insurance for that 36-month timeframe.

How Do I Finance a Used Car?

Once you’ve found the car that you want to drive through Glendale for the next few years, it’s time to start the auto financing process. You’ll need to gather documentation before you can begin, so be sure to grab:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid Insurance Card
  • Financial documentation (pay stubs, utility bills, bank statements)
  • Vehicle documentation if trading in your car

Once you have everything in order, stop by Phoenix to get the ball rolling. We can go over the loan or lease terms, like down payment and term period, as well as information about insurance.

Find Out More About Financing

Cactus Jack's Auto is ready to get you into the car of your dreams, so are you ready for a test drive? For more information, visit the dealership or contact us with any questions. We’ll be happy to explain every last detail so you feel completely comfortable every step of the way. Want to stay informed? Learn all about liability insurancegap insurance, uninsured motorist insurance, and what happens when a car is repossessed while you’re here!

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