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If you need a car loan but have bad credit in Mesa, guaranteed car financing could be a solution. Guaranteed car financing is also known as “buy here, pay here” financing. Even with less than stellar credit, purchasing the car you need is an option. Explore your choices for guaranteed car financing near Surprise and learn how it can be beneficial to you with the finance team at Cactus Jack's Auto. Then, check out other car buying tips!

How Guaranteed Car Finance Plans Work

Guaranteed car finance is typically available at dealerships due to the universal appeal to many different drivers. Guaranteed car financing doesn’t require a credit check so this is obviously advantageous to %%target_city_3% drivers with bad credit. Your income is used to determine if you met the minimum requirements, making guaranteed car financing dealers a welcome opportunity for some. You’ll need necessary paperwork and a down payment to purchase a vehicle. What you’ll need to qualify for guaranteed car finance include:

  • A minimum income of $1,500 to $2,000 a month pre taxes (depending on the dealership) 
  • Recent pay stub
  • Down payment (usually around $1,000 or 10% of the car’s selling price) 
  • Proof of residency (a utility bill should suffice)
  • You may also be asked for a list of personal references 

Does In-House Financing Help Build Credit?

In-house financing can help build your credit as dealerships report payments to credit bureaus. With timely payments, you can build your credit score and get the car you need in Phoenix. If you’d like to build your credit, ask your dealer to ensure they report to credit bureaus.

Find Guaranteed Car Finance Dealers at Cactus Jack's Auto

With so many different lenders and finance options available to drivers, a guaranteed car finance plan will help you drive off with the car you’re looking for. Contact us at Cactus Jack's Auto with any questions about our extensive inventory and financing options. Check out our used 4×4 vehicles and low mileage used cars. When you’re ready, our finance team will help you through the car loan application process. Apply for financing online and get approved today!

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