How to Sell a Car at a Dealership

Couple sitting at sales desk at dealership

If you are in the market for a new-to-you vehicle in the Mesa area, you may also be thinking about selling your current vehicle at Cactus Jack's Auto. This allows you to save money on your next vehicle purchase when you put that money toward the next car you select. So, how does selling your car to a dealership work? Cactus Jack's Auto has the details. 

How Does Selling Your Car to a Dealership Work? 

Learn how to sell your a car at a dealership in just a few simple steps: 

  • Clean Up Your Car: Having your car washed, detailed, or bringing it in for a tune up are simple ways to boost the value of your vehicle before you have it appraised. 
  • Write Down the Benefits Of Your Car: Provide a detailed maintenance history, a list of its additional features, and a list of accessories that could make your vehicle a more attractive purchase for the dealership.
  • Have Your Car’s Title on Hand: Save time by having your car’s title with you. 
  • Research Your Car’s Value: Use online tools to determine the current value of your vehicle. These calculations can be used in the negotiation process with the dealership. 

What to Expect 

Now that your car is prepared for sale, you can follow the steps below:  

  • Make an Appointment: Set up an appointment to have your vehicle evaluated by the dealership. 
  • Inspection: In most cases, the Used Car Manager will inspect your vehicle.
  • Consider the Offer: Thoroughly consider the offer before deciding whether or not to accept. 

Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership?

There are many benefits of selling your car to a dealership rather than trying to sell it on your own. 

  • Save Time & Avoid Hassles: Selling your car privately can be quite the hassle. You have to advertise the vehicle, set up test drives with potential buyers, and negotiate the price of the vehicle. Selling to a dealership saves a significant amount of time.
  • Lower Your New Car Price: You can put the value of your trade toward the cost of your next vehicle.
  • Save on Your Taxes: When you trade-in your current vehicle and purchase another vehicle from Cactus Jack's Auto, you only pay the sales tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the cost of your new car.  

Sell Your Car to Cactus Jack's Auto Today

If you are interested in selling your car to Cactus Jack's Auto, contact us today to get the process stated. When you work with us, you know that you will be getting a fair and excellent deal on your trade-in. 

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