Best Used Electric Cars Available in Phoenix

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Year after year, automakers produce the latest and greatest in electric cars, which in turn means that more used electric cars have been finding their way to dealerships. Curious about the best used electric cars to buy? Find out how you can go green in the Mesa area while saving money on one of the used electric cars for sale within the inventory at Cactus Jack's Auto. Then, turn to our finance experts to secure a loan on a used electric vehicle of your own!

Examples of Used Electric Cars

What are some examples of used electric cars you might find for sale near Surprise? Consider the following options and their specs.

Chevy Spark EV

  • Battery range of 82 miles
  • 4-passenger seating
  • Fast charging capabilities

Nissan Leaf

  • Battery range from 84 to 151 miles
  • 5-passenger seating
  • Fast charging capabilities, depending on the model year

Chevy Bolt

  • Battery range of 238 miles
  • 5-passenger seating
  • Fast charging capabilities

Volkswagen e-Golf

  • Battery range from 83 to 125 miles
  • 5-person seating
  • Fast charging capabilities, depending on the model

Chevy Volt

  • Battery range from 38 to 53 miles
  • 4-person seating
  • Longer charging capabilities

BMW i3

  • Battery range from 81 to 151 miles
  • Fast charging capabilities

Benefits of Used Electric Cars

With one of the used electric cars available in Phoenix, you will not only save on the price of the vehicle, which is usually more expensive than gas vehicles when purchased new, but you will also save on fuel costs. Plus, maintenance costs will remain low, as well, since you don’t have to care for complex engines, according to Consumer Reports. All things considered, ownership of used electric cars will be cheaper than ownership of used gas cars. Used electric cars prove ideal for local driving in the Glendale area, too, given their generally short ranges on a single charge.

Find Used Electric Cars in Phoenix

Ready to get behind the wheel of one of the best used electric cars available, or want to search for reliable used cars in general? Browse your options at Cactus Jack's Auto! Visit one of our various locations in the Phoenix area to discover the used electric cars we have for sale. We look forward to working with you!

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