What to Look for During a Test Drive

Hands on a steering wheel

Whether you’re buying new or choosing from a dealership’s used car inventory, a test drive is a very important part of the car-buying process. However, it’s a pointless endeavor unless you know what to look for. To help you make the most of it, Cactus Jack’s, Phoenix’s most trusted bad credit car dealers, recommends paying close attention to the following:

1) Noise – Listen for thumping, ticking, and squeals: they could be warning signs of trouble with tires, u-joints, and brakes, respectively. Ask questions about any noises you find worrisome. Also, note if you feel the overall noise is simply excessive for your preference.

2) Comfort – You’ll likely spend a lot of time in your car, so make sure it’s comfortable. Consider your needs- long work commutes or traveling with children- and ensure the vehicle’s interior suits them. An uncomfortable car can be distracting to the point of dangerous, so don’t undermine its importance.

3) Size – A vehicle may not look big from the outside, but you’ll never know until you park it. Gauge how you feel pulling in and out of a parking spot, and try parallel parking. If it feels overwhelming, continue your search for available used cars in Phoenix.

4) Visibility – Car models are drastically different in this area, and not all will be right for you. Check the car’s blind spots both while driving and while parked to see where they lie: poor visibility equals poor safety and isn’t worth the risk.

5) Handling – How does it handle bends and turns? How does it perform on different surfaces? How do the brakes work? Does it accelerate smoothly? Also be sure to test the car in conditions similar to those you’ll be driving most often to get an accurate snapshot of how your average commute will look.

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