Finding the Right Vehicle for Your Family

November 23rd, 2013 by
Family cars need to be a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them. If you need a functional, stylish, and safe vehicle for your family, there are now many impressive options outside the realm of minivans and station wagons. Whether you search available used cars for sale online or head into a bad credit car dealer in Glendale, the following information from Cactus Jack’s will help you choose the best car for your family.

Small Families – If your small family has no plans on growing, you have plenty of vehicle options available to you. From fuel-efficient compacts to crossover SUV’s, the sky is the limit– just look for clever storage compartments in smaller vehicles.

Growing Family – If your clan is still growing, look for vehicles that primarily seat 5 but have third-row extra seating options. Multiple LATCH anchors offer flexibility for car seat placement.

Large Family – Look for space and lots of seating; navigation features also come in handy for errand-running and car-pooling. Fold-down seats, large trunks, and roof-top storage easily handle big shopping loads and family road-trips.

Babies on Board – A second row that slides forward makes reaching for baby easier, while LATCH straps and anchors make getting car seats in and out much easier. Look for row seats with lots of hip room to allow room for both car seats and seated passengers.

Teens in Tow – If teens will be sharing the vehicle, consider one with less horsepower: high speed automobile deaths are the number killer of teens in the U.S., and less power may curb your teen’s need for speed. Sedans or other vehicles with low centers of gravity reduce rollovers.

The most important thing to do for any vehicle is look up its crash test rating with IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) or NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) before purchasing.

No matter your family’s size or needs, Cactus Jack’s has just the right vehicle. From roomy SUV’s to comfortable compacts, we can get you in the perfect car with our guaranteed credit approval. View Cactus Jack’s selection of available cars for sale online. Or, to speak with a reputable bad credit car dealer in Glendale, Contact Us.

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