How to Protect Your Car During a Storm

April 4th, 2014 by

Heavy rains, floods, and falling debris can be hazardous to used cars in Phoenix and cause significant damage if the proper precautions are not addressed. Keeping your car under cover during these events will offer the greatest protection against damage; however, this isn’t always possible or practical. The information below looks at the measures you can take to protect your car from storm-related damage.

  • Plan ahead. If a storm is in the forecast, make arrangements to park your vehicle under cover, delay the trip or use alternative modes of transportation.
  • Look for safe shelter. If you are caught in a storm, the safest option is to pull over and wait it out. Look for a covered car parking, a service station awning, under a bridge, etc. Avoid trees and private property.
  • Replace wiper blades. Whether your climate is scorching hot summers or snow shoveling winters, replace your wiper blades every six months for optimal use.
  • Apply Rain-X. According to Rain-X, 90% of driving decisions are based solely on vision. Spray this on your windshield during stormy seasons for the best vision possible.
  • Invest in a car cover. Hail damage can be costly to fix. Custom car covers or even a blanket kept in the car can help avoid damage when shelter is not an option.
  • Buy insurance. If heavy storms occur regularly in your area, ensure storm coverage is included in your insurance policy.

To keep your older vehicle in its best condition for as long as possible, car dealers in Phoenix recommend staying off the road until the storm has passed. This is the best protection you can provide your car during hail and other storms. If the interior of your car has been water-damaged in a storm, you can learn how to remove mold with our simple guide.

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