Purchasing a Car with your Tax Refund

January 17th, 2014 by

An influx of cash thanks to your income tax refund can be used to buy that pre-owned car you’ve needed for a while. To avoid careless long-term spending and overpaying, consider these factors before taking your tax refund to a Phoenix car dealership.


The IRS is not going to revoke your tax refund, so slow down! Exercise patience and never rush into any significant purchase, especially when loans and financing are involved. Thoroughly research the vehicle you’re interested in and be sure you’re not overpaying just because you have extra money.

Realistic Budget

A sudden influx of cash can make some people lose sight of what their normal income looks like. Be sure your purchase is within your realistic ongoing budget for financing monthly payments.

Prepare for Financing

Any financing you take out after using your tax refund is still new debt that you are responsible for paying back. It is important to meet all monthly payments to be considered good credit-building debt.

Maximize the Down Payment

A higher down payment means less owed on the car and less paid in interest over time. If your tax return is more than 20% (the recommended down payment) of the cost of the used car you are buying, and you have no other financial obligations, you should always increase the down payment before you consider a more expensive car option.

Leasing a Vehicle

Leasing a car may yield you immediate savings on your monthly payment, but Cactus Jack’s Auto discourages putting a large amount of cash ($5,000 or more) down on a lease.

Car buyers should remember that there is always room for negotiation on most used cars, so be sure to do your research to see what others are paying for the car you want.

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