Selling Your Car: Privately or Through a Dealer?

October 11th, 2013 by

When it’s time to sell your car, you face two main options: make the transaction privately or negotiate a trade-in with a dealership. While it may seem easier to add your vehicle to the pile of available cars for sale online, it’s worth taking a look at Phoenix used car dealerships for many convenient reasons. Before you make the decision, you should assess three things about your vehicle:

1. Do you owe money on it?

If so, call the bank and see if you can determine a payoff amount. If you cannot, you must calculate the value of your car. Common value guides are Kelly Blue Book, NADA, and Black Book, but local automotive professionals have regional guides. If the amount you owe is more than the determined value, you’re “upside down.” If you have cash to pay the difference, or have equity in your car, sell privately as you can potentially make more money off the transaction; if you don’t have the cash, the only way to make up the difference is to trade the car to a Phoenix used care dealership, who will subtract the difference from your purchase.

2. What’s the vehicle’s condition?

Look for dents, scrapes, windshield dings, paint, and cleanliness. Consider when it was last serviced, if tires need changing, any noises it makes, condition of brakes, accident history, and its mileage. Selling privately means answering a lot of questions, which could sway your decision.

3. Is it an appealing make and model?

Look at current car trends to determine whether a buyer would purchase from you as opposed to a Phoenix used car dealership that has more attractive options.

There’s no right answer here: it’s about making an informed decision that all parties are comfortable with. As a family-owned Phoenix used car dealership committed to customer satisfaction, Cactus Jack’s Auto can help you make the right decision when it’s time for a new vehicle. As a reputable bad credit auto loan dealer, we offer auto financing with bad credit or no credit so you can get the right vehicle today. For questions about trade-ins and more, Contact Us. To view our selection of available cars for sale online, Click Here.

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