Traction is Important for Winter Driving Conditions

December 14th, 2013 by

Even with Arizona’s moderate winters, your car should have traction control features in place. Winters here are unpredictable, with conditions often deteriorating quickly and unexpectedly. When searching for used vehicles with guaranteed auto loans, go beyond surface features like performance and fuel economy and consider the following traction options:

All-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive

These options offer greater control in winter driving conditions than the more widely-used two-wheel drive. AWD and 4WD are often lumped together, but there are important differences between them:

  • All-Wheel Drive: AWD is always on, meaning the car’s electronic sensors send power to all four wheels whenever they see fit. Because they lack a lower gear option, AWD vehicles are good for slippery roads, but bad for off-roading.
  • Four-Wheel Drive: This system is engaged manually. There is also an option for high or low ranges with 4WD vehicles, making them ideal for a multitude of driving conditions.

Control Features

AWD and 4WD are the most effective traction options, but traction and stability control systems have their benefits:

  • Traction Control: This monitors driven wheel speeds and limits tire slip during acceleration on snowy roads. While it helps maintain grip, it does not prevent skidding.
  • Stability Control: This system helps maintain control during abrupt changes in direction, such as skidding, sliding or swerving.

Winter Tires

Snow tires are perfect for every climate, not just areas that experience heavy snowfalls. They maintain flexibility and grip when temperatures drop, and won’t harden like all-weather tires.

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