Trim Levels, Options and Packages

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When buying a used vehicle from Cactus Jack’s or a third party, it’s important to understand the options or packages available in the used car you are searching for. There are factory options and then dealer options that may or may not increase the price of the vehicle. Read the differences below to avoid paying more for factory options.

Trim Levels

Car models are differentiated even farther by the trim levels. The trim level typically denotes the type of engine, transmission type, sometimes whether it’s a four-door or five-door vehicle, and will include varying standard equipment/features. Trim levels typically start at the lowest grade of “L” and go up to the “XLE”, where price increases accordingly. These trim levels are typically consistent on every model made by a particular company and are considered “factory” or “what you see is what you get” options.


These are add-on features (i.e. technology, luxury, or safety) don’t come standard on your chosen make/model/trim level. For example, if your trim level doesn’t come with a navigation system, you can purchase this as an option and the cost of the navigation will be added to the total cost of your chosen vehicle (if the model you chose offers a navigation system as an added option).  Some available options are a panoramic sunroof/moonroof, upscale seating material, a premium particular stereo sound system, and a rearview camera. These are added “dealer” options will usually increase the price of a used vehicle.


These are options that have been bundled together and are priced as a package deal, typically sold by a dealership. They are grouped as a type of option (i.e. “Convenience Package,” “Cold-weather Package,” or “Technology Package”) and offer options according to the theme. Buying the package is almost always going to be cheaper than buying the options individually – just be sure you’re not paying for something you don’t want or need.

Vehicle models are differentiated even farther by their trim levels, packages and options. Know the difference and avoid paying more for a factory feature. If you are looking for used car dealerships in Glendale AZ that offer cheap cars for sale, the friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff at Cactus Jack’s will help you find the used car you need at an affordable price!

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