Differences Between Trim Levels, Options & Packages

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When you browse through our comprehensive selection of vehicles, you’ll find a wide variety of different makes and models that include different configurations. You may even notice the same make and model vehicle with a different trim level or options which can affect pricing. So, what is trim on a car? Today, the experts from Cactus Jack's Auto will help you answer that question.

We’ll go over the differences between car options, car packages, and answer, “What is trim on a car?” so that you can find the right vehicle for your Mesa lifestyle. Learn more today with our experts!

Different Kinds of Car Configurations

The three main kinds of car configurations are trim levels, options, and packages. Each configuration offers something unique and can affect the price of your potential new vehicle. Below, we’ll help you answer, “What is trim on a car?” and go over the differences between car options and car packages:

Trim Levels

After finding the perfect vehicle model to upgrade your Surprise drives, you’ll notice that there are different trim levels available. Trim levels can often denote the type of engine, transmission, and even whether it’s a coupe, sedan, or any other body style.

Typically, trim levels come with a standard set of features with more being added as you opt for higher trim levels. The name of a specific trim level can vary by make or model. With that being said, it’s important that you research the different trim levels available for the vehicle you’re interested in and determine if it offers what you need for your daily adventures.


In addition to finding your favorite trim level, there will be additional car options available for that trim level. These are essentially add-on features that can range from safety features to luxury features and even other technology options. For example, you may want a lower trim level but need a navigation system in your ride. You can likely upgrade to a higher trim level that offers more features that you don’t necessarily want, or you can option a navigation system to a lower trim level.

Other options may include a sunroof/moonroof, leather seats, and premium audio systems. In most cases, these are considered factory options and will be something you want to pay attention to if you’re looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle. Keep in mind that there are “factory-installed” options and “dealer-installed” options as well. Factory-installed options are options that were added to the vehicle before it left the factory floor. Dealer-installed options are items that have been added by the dealership after receiving them from the factory.


Finally, another main configuration vehicles can have are car packages. Typically, packages are options that have been bundled together to be priced as a packaged deal. You’ll find that packages often have names like, “Convenience Package” or “Technology Package”, and offer options that pair well together for your Glendale travels. Most of the time, you’ll find options like heated seats and heated steering wheels or even sound systems and Bluetooth® connectivity being paired together. Buying the package is almost always going to be cheaper than buying the options individually – just be sure you’re not paying for something you don’t want or need.

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