Which Side is My Gas Tank On?

February 14th, 2014 by

Ever drive a friend’s car? What about a rental car? Then you’ve probably found yourself in a very frustrating situation when you realize you need some gas and you don’t know which side of the vehicle the gas tank is located. It’s likely happened to everyone at least once. Your friends at Cactus Jack’s know a simple hidden secret that will solve this frustrating problem.

Since 2000, many manufacturers have started providing an indicator arrow on the gas pump gauge on the dash of your car (see the picture below). The next time you visit the gas station and you’re unsure of the gas tank’s location, just look at the dashboard fuel gauge and you’ll see a picture of a gas pump with an arrow. Whichever way the arrow points is the side of the car with the filler cap.

Of course, not all cars have this indicator arrow, but the side that the hose is on in the gas pump icon should tell you what side the tank is on.

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Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn – FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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