Why Buying a Used Car as a Young Professional is a Good Idea

December 20th, 2013 by
If you’re just entering the workplace, used vehicles are the way to go. Young professionals often aren’t in a position to buy new, but that doesn’t necessarily put you at a disadvantage. Below you’ll find helpful information from Cactus Jack’s Auto, home of instant approval used car loans. Even if you’re buying a car with bad credit, the list of benefits of buying a used car may help:Affordability

Used cars are much cheaper than new models. The average asking price for a used vehicle is $8,000 while new ones cost approximately $25, 000 and up. For young professionals, these lower prices are ideal for limited budgets.

No Depreciation

New cars depreciate in value the moment they are driven off the lot and up to 30 percent in the first two years. With used cars, depreciation is not a factor– such costs have already been paid by the first owner. You pay for the fair market value of the car, with no depreciation-associated costs.

Cheaper Insurance

Generally, insurance for a used vehicle is much lower than the cost of insuring a new car, a practical bonus for young start-ups looking to save money.

Brand Availability

For a young professional, a brand new Mercedes Benz may be unattainable. A quality used luxury vehicle, however, is absolutely within reach. Certification programs and instant approval used car loans can make your dream of owning a high-end vehicle possible.

Cactus Jack’s Auto makes it easy for young professionals to buy a quality vehicle with our instant approval used car loans. We pride ourselves on helping people of all financial backgrounds find the right vehicle for their lifestyle. Contact Us to fill out our online approved car financing application, or browse our online inventory of attractive makes and models, including high-end luxury brands.

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